Qidi Tech Dual Extruder 3d Printer Review [Qidi Technology 3dp-qda16-01]

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qidi-technology-dual-extruder-desktop-3d-printer-300x300An image speaks a thousand words and if it’s in 3D then I bet it speaks more. For a long time we could not have 3D images unless we created them by hand. If we wanted them colored, then we had to spend many hours and cover our hands with all sorts of colors as we tried to get the right shade.

Fortunately, the 3D printing has changed all that. That is why in this detailed 3D printer guide we look at the Qidi Tech 3D Printer, which is a dual extruder 3D printer.

3D printing is useful in schools, businesses and if you can need it, home projects. You can create awesome 3D images that you would have heard to pay a fortune to create a few decades ago.

What is more is that 3D printers such as the Qidi technology dual extruder desktop 3D printer print objects that are perfect in color and shape. While in the past users had to part with thousands of dollars to get a 3D printers, the 3d printer qidi is available for less than a thousand dollars.

If you are conscience about the environment or any concerns regarding compliance of this printer, then here is some more good news. It is FCC compliant; that is it passes the requirements set by USA’s Federal Communication Commission on its class of products.

It is CE compliant, which means it is approved for use in the European Union and best of all, it is environmentally safe. It contains no hazardous chemicals neither were any chemicals used during its manufacturing process, RoHS.

Well, next in this Qidi 3D printer reviews are the benefits you can expect to get from this printer. We look review each one of the by looking at its features and the ease of use of those features. We will also look at the advantages this printer has over the other 3D printers that cost more but perform similar functions. We will also establish why it comes at such a good price without compromising on quality and performance. It is also most popular and best 3d printer extruder.

Qidi Technology Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer Reviews & Features

Quality Aluminum Plate of Qidi Printer

The dual extruder 3D printer’s has its plate made from aviation grade aluminum plate. The plate has been tested during production and before shipping to make sure it remains stable even under extreme operating conditions.

The tests include exposure to high temperatures that exceed those of a typical working environment to make sure the aluminum plate shows no signs of deforming or warping.

The tests last for eight hours, which is longer than the actual operation time of this Qidi Tech 3D Printer per session.

Now that is the kind of service that makes you realize you are buying a quality product from a reliable manufacturer.

Electrical and Circuitry Wiring

Apart from the aluminum plate which is the components that undergoes the most physical stress in this qidi tech 1 3D printers, the electrical circuits the next feature to consider.

The Qidi technology 3Dp-qda16-01 used in this printer are wired to prevent damages from static charges as well as wear and breakage when exposed to heat.

That is one area of quality control that most manufacturers are not keen to enforce. That leads to components failing mostly after three or four years of continuous use.

The Qidi Tech 3D Printer Dimensions 

The Qidi 3D printer has a compact construction that makes it a perfect desktop 3d printer qidi. It simply takes no more space than is required, even the package itself is quite compact. The packaging measures about 22″ x 17″ x 22″ or 570 mm x 440 mm x 560 mm. The Qidi Tech 3D Printer dimensions are 18.3″ x 12.6″ x 14.76″ or 465 mm x 320 mm x 375 mm.

When it comes to its weight, it only weighs 46.3 pounds. That is light enough for one person to handle without asking for help. Unless of course you suffer from back problems, in which case most doctors recommend that you should not carry any weight that is more than a few pounds.

What about the size of the object this printer can build or in other times its build size? You will be pleased to know that its maximum build is 9″ x 6″ x 6″ or 230 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm. That is 5 liters of build, which is big by any business model standard. You can therefore be sure that this 3D printer can print most models needed for business, learning, or pleasure.

qidi-tech-3d-printer-reviews-300x300Print Material

This dual extruder 3D printer can print with PLSA or ABS filaments that have a thickness of 1.75 mm.

What is more is that it gets shipped from the manufacturer with complementary PLA and ABS spools to get you started immediately. That also helps you to know what to buy when you need to replenish your supply.

You can also use the semi-flexible filament TPU and you will not experience any technical or quality issues when you print your models.

However, the Qidi technology 3Dp-qda16-01 does not work best with Ninjaflex filament as it does with PLA, TPU, and ABS. Using the Ninjaflex filament will therefore lead to low quality prints.

Nozzle specs

The nozzle diameter is measures only 0.4 mm and can heat up to 260 degrees centigrade without any drop in its performance. The small diameter makes it easy to print out fine details and create fine curves when printing. That is one of the reasons that the Qidi technology 3Dp-qda16-01 has become so popular with 3D printer users. The dual nozzle 3d printer performs best quality printing.

Layer Resolution

The FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling used in the Qidi technology dual extruder desktop 3D printer is another feature that gives it an outstanding “layering” performance. The features enable this printer to print layers of 100 to 300 micro-millimeters, and still adjust the thickness by 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm. For the users, that miniature layering culminates to the superior printing that makes each 3D print look like it was cast then polished to give a natural look.

Print Quality

The Qidi technology allows you to have a say on the quality of print you are going to get as well as what colors to use at any stage of the 3D printing. The Qidi printer bed operates with a maximum temperature of 140 degrees centigrade while the extruder hits a high of 280 degrees centigrade.

What is more is that you can adjust these temperatures if you need to do it using the Qidi printer interface or its software. During the printing process, you will not get any disturbing noises apart from the standard user alerts the printer sends.

If you are using PLA to print, you need not worry about ventilating the room more than you do without this printer ON.

However, if you are using the ABS, then it’s best to remember that the printer will emit fumes as soon as the printing starts. Although the fumes are not toxic, it’s best to open ventilate the room to avoid any discomfort.

When printing, you use two color filaments because this is a dual extruder 3D printer. In fact, you can pause the printing at any time to introduce a third or subsequent color in one of the arms. Of course that means that you will have to stop printing with one or the two initial colors.


The Qidi dual extruder 3D printer comes with four accessories; the two filament spools, the 3D print removal tool, and a smoothening pen. The sample filaments spools give you a demo of what the printer can do when used correctly with the right filaments. The print removal tool helps you to get the printed sample from the print bed before it sticks. The smoothening pen is used to give a smooth finish to the exterior of ABS filament prints using acetone; not necessary with PLA filament prints necessary. It is worth mentioning hat you have to buy the acetone separately.

Software Compatibility

The Qidi dual extruder 3D printer works on all he three popular operating systems; Windows, Mac, and Linux. MakerBot is the recommended 3D printing software when using the extruder 3D printer. The printer packaging comes with an operation manual, software and sample 3D files for testing the 3D printer. The printer software is easy to install and the operation manual can be opened by any PDF reader as well as web browser. If you want to print the sample files, you can either insert the card in the printer’s SD slot and print from it or you can transfer the files to your personal storage for future use. You may then tether the 3D printer to your computer using USB cable.

Customer Service

Qidi Tecch’s customer service is one of the best that have encountered. In case of any failure in functionality, you will get prompt assistance via mail and live chat. If any spare parts that fail within the warranty period, they will send you replacements earlier than expected. In other words, their customer service representatives are willing to help you no matter what. They also have a technical understanding of their products, so you will not be put on hold for long periods, waiting for answers that are not forthcoming.

What Is In the Package?

  • 1 ABS filament roll.
  • 1 PLA filament roll.
  • 2 filament spool holders.
  • 1 Power cable
  • 1 USB cable.
  • Wiring harnesses.
  • 4GB SD card.
  • Filament tubing.
  • Instructions Manual.
  • Tool Box that includes fasteners and other tools.
  • Technical Specification
  • Connectivity is via SD card/USB Cable
  • Support Software Replicator G/Makerware
  • Input Voltage 110V/230V

Other Qidi Technology 3Dp-qda16-01 Benefits 

Rugged Design

The dual extruder 3D printer has a rugged design that can withstand rough handling during shipping. Unlike most products that arrive broken, the Qidi 3D printer arrives and ready to b set up for its first time use by the customer. The rugged design makes this printer durable as well. Without the rugged design, the high printing temperature would quickly wear down this printer.

Dual Extruder

The dual extruder is a gift to those who have a passion in arts. It allows you to print colored images by mixing filament of different colors. All you have to do is pause the printing at the opportune time to change to a new color filament. I personally find that feature to be awesome.


While this printer is not equipped with wireless connectivity, it can be tethered to a laptop via its USB cable. That is a plus because you will not have to worry about someone accidentally sending a file to his printer. You will also not have to worry about someone complaining why you have connected others to this awesome 3D printer and left others out. If you do not want to use the USB cable, then you can make use of its SD card slot. Overall, transferring printing images to his 3D printer will not be a problem.

Silent Operation

I love it when I know that I can work silently without turning heads of coworkers or getting annoying looks for causing disturbance. That is what this why I am happy to inform you that this is a silent operation printer. Apart from the occasion beeps that alert you of the progress or state of the printers, all else is quiet. Otherwise, it would obviously be unbearable to listen to 6 hours of continuous printer noise when printing a detailed 3D image.

Power Supply (Best 3d printer power supply)

The power supply of this qidi tech 3d printer manual is rated 215V, which the rating recommended for US appliances. That is important because we need to keep this machine being exposed to high voltages. You need to buy it a voltage surge guard to be on the safe side. The best 3d printer power supply included in it.

It is also smart to use a power distributor that includes a voltage guard. That will act as s secondary safety feature to keep this 3D printer safe in case the power surge protector fails. Overall, it is always best to periodically check that your power surge protection devices are working.

Qidi tech software

The qidi tech software is easy to use and he interface is intuitive. You will basically be clicking next and accepting whatever is presented on the screen during installation. After that, manipulating the images before printing using the 3D Printing Slicing Software is both easy and fun. If you have dealt with 3D images before, this will be a breeze. If this is your first time, the learning curve will be a smooth one.

Heat Resistant Platform Support

The platform of this qidi tech dual extruder desktop 3D printer is heat resistant because of the use of high quality aluminum instead of plastic. You therefore get a platform that will not warp and deform the printed image; neither does to add unnecessary extra weight.


  • You get full value for your money especially if this is you are just getting started with 3D printers.
  • Most cheap 3D printers in the market are incompatible with most filaments; this one is compatible with PLA and ABS filaments. That means you do not have to depend on one type of filament when printing.
  • It’s a dual extruder printer, which makes it possible to introduce a third or subsequent color. That is important when printing multi-color designs.
  • Any gadget, especially an electronic could misbehave from time to time, their excellent customer service means when that happens, you will not be alone.
  • Qidi Tech i are based in China, you therefore get a quality product at a great price.
  • Most products are frustrating because the customer service is poor, well you do not have to worry about hat with Qidi Tech i products.
  • You can get help via phone, chat, or email during any stage of use. Whether it’s something to do with installation, printing, or filaments, you can get near instant help.


  • If you have not read the manual before you start operating this printer, you may not find the SD slot. The Slot is actually under the rear cover.
  • This product does not come with an extended warranty as of now, that might be a concern to you if you learn to use it for heavy printing.
  • The actual warranty last for three months, after that, we hope that will change soon.

Qidi 3D Printer Review Summary

The overall opinion of this printer is high among the experts as well as first time users. Most users rate it higher for reliability and ease of use.

Apart from the fumes when using the ABS filament and difficulty in finding the SD slot for first time users, most would give it a 5 out of 5 rating. Customer Support is also noted an outstanding feature of its manufacturer.

Therefore, I would say that, with the fast art replacement and awesome customer support, you will not have any problem using this product. I would therefore recommend this dual extruder 3D printer to anyone who wants a reliable medium duty 3D printer. So, one should read qidi tech i review before buying it.